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Re: DVD/Blu-Ray Coming November 17th

Those hanging on to standard dvd format will NOT be pleased w/ the lack-luster/bare bones featurettes incld over the ridiculously glutt-fest the Bluray format is offering.
The 3 disc Bluray is listed as 22.99 on Amazon/others...but some site are touting a 33.00+ price...even a site which ONCE was called DEEP DISCOUNT..dvd dot far above on pricing then many online and local retailers.
But now, retailers re playing hardball with exclusives!
Best Buy Canada has the Target USA Enterprise model that houses the discs inside saucer sect.
FYI/SunCoast/Coconuts has entry to win signed Uhura poster, and standard dvd steelbook.
Amazon has 8.5" metal Enterprise sculpture.
Walmart USA has Bluray + standard dvd set.
Best Buy USA has 4 pin set.
Another retailer is offering Itune cards.
So a casual fan of film can rent or buy a 1 disc of just the film. Standard dvd fans can get 2 disc w/ some featurettes.
Bluray fans get 2 disc loaded w/ featuettes and a digital copy.

I have preorder w/ Amazon, but that means they will only ship release date, and I get days later. I'm tempted to score it first day @ Target, hoping to get gift set w/ Enteprise model that holds discs inside it. No prices yet have been released for this and no online preorder avail.!
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