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Re: The Captain is never my favorite

The captain isn't my favorite character in any of the series, either.

TOS: I liked Kirk, but McCoy and Spock were my favorites. I especially liked the scenes with the two of them together.

TNG: Picard was a little too pompous for my tastes. I don't really have a favorite TNG character. I liked Riker in the early seasons, but not so much towards the end.

DS9: I love The Sisko (and he's my favorite Trek captain), but Quark and O'Brien are my two favorite DS9 characters.

VOY: As with TNG, I have a tough time naming a favorite, but it's definitely not Janeway. Didn't care for the character or Mulgrew's acting.

ENT: Trip would be my favorite. Archer did improve as the series went on, but he never really caught my fancy.
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