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Re: What Trek do you own on DVD?

I couldn't buy full seasons of any series, they're all just too damn inconsistent. I think the one exception is TNG season 3, which only has maybe like 2 or 3 episodes tops that aren't either very good or great, but I didn't buy that either because it would be weird to have just one season of a show that ran for seven.

I have the Time Travel Fan Collective, Q Fan Collective, and the wonderfully stacked Region 2/U.K. version of "The Jean Luc Picard Collection", which I think may be the most consistent Star Trek 'compilation' DVD set. It has such classics as "Darmok", "The Inner Light", and "Lessons" all in one place, plus the real fun 'Die Hard in space' of "Starship Mine" and the even more fun "Captain's Holiday". It's a much stronger set of episodes than the ones on the North American version, and the only stinker is "Bloodlines".

The worst thing about these compilations is the repetition of episodes. I don't like having "Encounter at Far Point" on two different sets, but it's pretty cool to have "Yesterday's Enterprise", "Trials and Tribble-ations", and "The City on the Edge of Forever" all in one set, since for me those are probably the most emotionally resonant episodes of their respective series.

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