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Re: J.J. Abrams Says Returning To Superman 'Would Be A Blast'

Lindley - To me, Superman is just the wish fulfilment all superheroics are about. Wouldn't it be great if there was a morally virtuous guy sticking up for the little people who had amazing powers and saved his girl from the evil scientist and his robots? It's just a good old pulp narrative distilled to its simplest form. Generally speaking I don't care for superheroes at all, but I've always liked Superman and Batman for some reason.

Abrams in charge of Superman ain't such a bad idea. I hate to cite Star Trek (because this being a Trek forum, everyone is), but there was a film that managed to be upbeat, optimistic and fun, while still being cool and modern.

That's what people would want out of a Superman movie, no? Have at it, why not, though I'd probably prefer to have Abrams plodding on with Trek films rather than jumping ship a la Singer and the previous Superman movie. Basically so long as it doesn't effect his involve in the Trek sequel I'm fine with it.

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Heck, even Lois and Clark's relationship is well established iconagraphy (is that a word?)
No, but iconography is. It isn't really appropriate here, 'well established as iconic' would work better.
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