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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

One thing that sticks out to me: We FINALLY get to see Riker the Action Hero again, just as he was in TNG. In Generations, we didn't see him do much other than a brief firefight with Soran. First Contact had him (somewhat uncharacteristically, for both him and Picard) leading the Away Team assigned to the Phoenix, but that's understandable all things considered. In Insurrection, he was actually turned away from fighting in order to captain the ship.

But in Nemesis, we FINALLY get to see him lead a security detachment with phasers blaring. We FINALLY get to see him fight one of the main villains in H2H. We FINALLY get to see him in some absurdly cinematic peril, all of which we saw constantly in TNG but not in the films. He even manages to avenge his wife's rape, too, in full dramatic circle. All I have to say is, Go Riker!
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