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Re: The Captain is never my favorite

OldManDax wrote: View Post
TOS: Yeah Kirk is my favorite, though Spock is often very close. Admittedly, some of this the typical guy thing of "this guy gets all the women, carries himself with poise, is smart AND has a swagger about him?! Can I have what he's drinking?"
You see, that's the difference between the male and female response to the character of Jim Kirk. See the scene between Jadzia and Sisko in Trials and Tribble-ations, that said it all. Men are usually like: "Ooh, he gets all the women, he is a god, I want to be like him!" and most of the women are like: "Kirk? Who? Ah, the guy with Spock?... oooh, Spock "

OK, I know, I know... There are also plenty of women who do like Kirk. But trust me, his irresistibility is vastly overrated.

But this is really why I never could really warm up to Kirk in TOS... he struck me more as a male fantasy of what they'd like to be, than a real person and someone one could relate to. He got much better in the movies, though, when he was allowed to show that he was not perfect and to be more realistic and human.

In TOS, Spock was my favorite by far - he is at least 60% of the reason why I like TOS, and Spock-centric episodes in which we got to see his inner conflict and his emotional self that he tried to suppress, were always highlight of the show. McCoy was also great, and I have to say I always had a soft spot for Uhura and felt that she should have gotten better treatment by the writers. Kirk was not even close to being my favorite (he fares much better in the movies, as I said - in the movies, he is my favorite next to Spock.

TNG - this may be the only Trek show where the captain has a shot of being my favorite - or one of my two favorite main characters. In the end, Data is probably my favorite on TNG, but Picard is close, only because Patrick Stewart is such a great actor. Thing is, I have a love/hate relationship with Picard... well, maybe like/dislike more than love/hate. He epitomizes the best and worst of TNG - the worst being that holier-than-thou attitude that always put me off while watching TNG. However, Stewart managed to elevate every episode and scene he was in, and to give Picard real depth and make me relate to him nevertheless.

DS9 - Sisko is my favorite captain. I prefer Stewart to Brooks, but I like Sisko better than Picard, and certainly better than the other 3 captains. However, Sisko is not my favorite on DS9, because DS9 had so many great characters, and there were some others I loved more than Ben. If I made my top 10 Trek characters, the first 6 or 7 places would consist of Spock and a bunch of DS9 characters. Kira was always my favorite, followed by Odo, Dukat, Garak, and then Quark and Sisko.

VOY - I don't hate Janeway and I don't love Janeway - I'm just indifferent to her. Which is pretty much how I feel about the show itself. Generally, the VOY bunch are a bit bland for me. My favorite characters are The Doctor, Tuvok and Seven. Tom and B'Elanna are OK but nothing special, and Janeway is there somewhere - not the best of the bunch and not the worst (that would be Neelix, Chakotay and Kim).

ENT - I hated Archer the first time I watched the pilot. After I decided to give the show another chance, I found he didn't bother me that much. He can be a real moron, but at least he has flaws and isn't written to be perfect, and I'm starting to kinda like him. But I'm still in season 1, so it's too early to tell which characters I'll like the most.

Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
TOS: Spock or McCoy--Kirn was an arrogant womanizer in my opinion. This goes for both version of Kirk.

TNG: I used to like Picard, but now I flat-out despise him. He's just a holier-than-thou ideological mouthpiece. Of the TNG crew, I can't say I really LOVE any of the characters, but Data was pretty interesting.

DS9: Sisko I generally like a LOT. He gets edged out by Kira and Gul Dukat, but BARELY. He's the best captain of the bunch, though!

VOY: Ugh, Janeway. Not written as a consistent, competent commander at all. The Doctor is a more interesting character, I think.

ENT: Archer was badly, badly miscast. And I really hate saying that because I adored Scott Bakula, but I think the man is much better cast in "softer," more "emotional" roles like on Quantum Leap, or kids' movies (both of which I loved him in). He doesn't have sufficient gravitas to come off as a credible captain. As for the other characters of ENT...well, I checked out sometime in season 2, so I can't really say that anyone else stuck out. (If I rewatched Seasons 3 and 4, maybe I'd change my mind...dunno.)
I agree. He doesn't really have the charisma and presence required.

Who would you have cast as Archer?
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