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Re: Treking through all Star Trek

Series: Enterprise – Season Two
Episode: “The Communicator”
Trek Installment # 33
Grade: D+
Viewing Date: October 14, 2009

Nothing like a good ol’ fashioned Prime Directive story . . .

I hate how Archer just won’t start making up shit. Seriously, dude, just lie. Tell them the communicators are toys, tell them you’re working for an intelligence agency, tell them something. All he says is just “I don’t know.” And how come Enterprise doesn’t just beam them up, beam someone else down there all secret-like and then head on out?

Okay, so eventually, he does start lying . . . but at the wrong time. After the jig is up, of course. And what’s with the “woe is me” attitude from both Archer and Reed while they’re in the jail?

Nice touch of continuity using the Suliban ship. But what’s up with Trip’s cloaked hand?

Gotta be honest, though, I like how this episode devolves into a reverse Roswell. And Archer questioning if crewmembers had to be sacrificed to protect cultural growth was a nice element to the story, but I would have liked that examined more. And again, at the end, why not make arrangements to beam someone in to get the scanners, communicators, and phase pistols?

This episode wasn’t terrible, but the amount of plot holes and untapped potential there is just ruins it. Plus the species was incredibly flat.
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