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Dusty Ayres
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Re: J.J. Abrams Says Returning To Superman 'Would Be A Blast'

Dennis wrote: View Post
That would work.

A Brad Bird animated superhero movie - beyond his excellent The Incredibles, of course - would certainly be great. For that matter I'm surprised that no ambitious CG superhero project has been launched by anyone. Seems a natural fit, doesn't it?
Jetfire wrote: View Post
Yes it does. I'm not sure what studios are thinking these days.
I'll take a Brad Bird-written, J.J. Abrams directed Superman movie only if it doesn't have Pixar-like animation; I want the animation style of the Resident Evil DVD movie, or of Star Trek: Aurora-and nothing else except those two styles. Let Pixar's silly style be for The Incredibles, not for DC Comic characters.
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