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Re: J.J. Abrams Says Returning To Superman 'Would Be A Blast'

No One needs another re-telling of Superman's origins. Everyone knows that he comes from Krypton, cared for by Martha and Jonathan Kent, and gets a job at the Daily Planet. Heck, even Lois and Clark's relationship is well established iconagraphy (is that a word?) Why don't they make a story that shows that Superman has been around for a while. He's over the trust issues with Earthlings, and is a well recognized protector. An unknown powerful force comes to attack Earth, starting with Metropolis first of course. Villains like Darksied, Matello, and Braniac come to mind. Threats so big, the movie wouldn't have for Supes origin to be told yet again. That's what I loved about Returns.

It got away from all that. True it had Kryptonian elements, but on the whole, it wasn't an origin story. Heck. Darkseid, Matello, and Braniac could be a Superman trilogy! Oh, Lex could be there too. Perhaps in part 3 which could be Darkseid. Those three villains could give Superman a greater threat than pushing a giant continent into space. I see this new trilogy I just made up in three bouts:

1: Braniac, not an easy fight, supes will have a run for his money, though.

2. Matello, a harder fight. Could nearly lose the battle, until one of the human characters saves him.

3. Darkseid. His greatest battle. Supes gives his all against Kalebeck, and Darkseid and repells an alien invasion.

Sorry for the rant. Need sleep!
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