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Re: Founding new project

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Im thinking about starting a new fan production project. A Star Trek Comic Series. Basically normal comics (but online), maybe including small anmiations and sound effects. At the moment the idea is to develop a new ship and crew during the post-Nemesis era...but that might change.. whatever "we" decide.

I have a good webserver with a lot of bandwith where I can host the project website, message board, wiki and everything else needed.

Right now Im looking for project members:

- writers
- graphic artists
- website designer / programmer
- etc.

Please post if youre interested in beeing a part of the project. Be sure to include:

1. How much time do you have to work for the project?
2. What are your talents?
3. Do you have an prior experience with similar projects?
Since I have received no PM yet, I'll respond here to some of these items...

I might be willing to offer some writing talent.

I have written "Star Trek: Entomalians" and "Battlestar Urantia", both fanfic sagas that have been posted here, on the Trek BBS, and are both currently being developed as fanfilm productions.

I have nothing but time, as I am currently not employed.

As I said, if you want my help, send me a PM.
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