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Re: What Don't You Like About "Batman Forever"?

Batman & Robin is fun to rewatch for sheer awfulness. I barely made it through it in the theater (second run theater, which wasn't the nicest locale, either). Uma is so straight forwardly drag-queenish as Ivy. Arnold uses every cold pun in the book. Alicia Silverstone is flat out terrible. O'Donnel is worse than in Batman Forever. Clooney is like Adam West (often saying his dialouge seriously despite ridiculous situations around him) with a little more one-liner flippancy (Hi, Freeze, I'm Batman." "This is why Superman works alone."). The subplot with Alfred dying that we are supposed to care about but don't because it overshadowed by cast changes and the excessively campy feel of the rest of the film.

Shit, Schumacher even coaxes a bad performance out of John Glover. That's a crime bigger than freezing Gotham City!
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