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Re: Second time for "Serenity"... and ran right into the huge plot hol

^^ I hadn't even noticed that, but you're right; that's pretty asinine.

As for the planets/moons, the high ratio of the latter to the former did cause me to raise an eyebrow, but that I can accept as part of the basic premise. However...

@ Kajima - that's a very well thought-ought out and stated explanation of the basic theory Lindley proposed... but I still don't buy it. When put in close proximity to each other, extremely aggressive people remain extremely aggressive, and the woman's recorded message made it quite clear that they were totally overpowered by the beserker gas.

Joss freely admits he has no grasp of real science. But his stories are about people, and the firefly verse is just a framework to let him tell his stories about the people.
I'm not going on "real" science here, I'm going on the rules of the franchise, that ships are incredibly difficult to fly and maintain. When he showed total crazies getting the better of perfectly sane people, he broke his own rule.

As for the "about people" stuff... well, I can't say that there's much there either. The Tam brother was on the ship for months on end, with his sister mostly wandering around in a daze, and he "never had time" to hook up with the engineer gal? That's just lazy sitcom plotting.
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