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Re: "Broken Bow" : Line-By-Line!

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teacake;3559040E2 is one of my favorite eps (possibly [B wrote:
the[/B] favorite, though I've never come up with an absolute favorite for any series other than VOY). But I wouldn't put E2 on that dvd because it's too "fan wankish" and a lot would be lost viewing it without context. You want to be able to introduce someone to ENT with a best of dvd.

So, I love E2. I want that novel!!! (The story of Lorien and his people).
"E2" is one of my favorites as well. I don't know if it's popular enough for a "line by line" thread, but I probably have most of it memorized...
I remember the first time I watched it thinking "this is the BEST TREK EVER!!"

Of course I had that thought during parts of DS9 as well, lol. But really Enterprise at it's best is outstanding Trek.

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