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Re: VOY Greatest Contributions

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In my opinion, Voyager's greatest (?!) contribution was in poorly written stories that took Star Trek far enough off the rails that no more really good Trek could be made without a semi-reboot of the franchise. Which resulted in the excellent movie earlier this year.

So, um, right on, Voyager! Yeah....
Ha! Not sure I would say greatest, but I can't in good conscience completely disagree.

As for what I do think VOY's greatest contributions are:

-the doctor. Picardo was a god among men in that cast.

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Species 8472 (before the writers immediately turned around and neutered them)
-Uh...I'm sure there are others. I WOULD say a female captain TV show lead, but she was kind of a pretty bad character ultimately. She could be a delusional loony, an idiot, a brilliant leader, a badass, etc....depending what writer was onboard and what the script required. Every episode was a damned roulette. Will Janeway be crazy? Stupid? Cool? Place your bets!
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