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Re: The Captain is never my favorite

TOS: Spock. He's a wonderful straight man, with just the right amount of occasional jerkass commentary regarding humans (like at the end of Mirror, Mirror). He was always my favorite, and after watching a bit more of TOS at its highs, he still is.

TNG: Picard actually is my favorite, I think. He has both sophistication and badass-ness, and he'll always be special to me as being the most cerebral captain.

DS9: A Probably a four-way tie among Ezri, Garak, O'Brien, and Sisko. So it kinda counts since Sisko is in the tie? I really do love all of DS9's mains, and it's hard to narrow it down to even 4.

VOY: Favorite is the doctor. Janeway was too ridiculously inconsistent to like on anything more than an episode-to-episode basis.

ENT: Travis, I suppose, but that's more of a case of "who do I dislike the least?" more than who I like the most.
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