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Re: DVD/Blu-Ray reviews

Star Trek XI (2009) Blu-ray reviews:
There's faint ringing in the 2.4:1 frame during dissolves, and mild noise in soft lighting and smoke, and some instances of notable grain.
I do wish that the blacks had a little more detail
fear not thumbtack, M'Sharak, and Clancy_s
The Dolby TrueHD 5.1 mix boasts room-shaking bass, and a particularly powerful kick whenever a starship jumps to warp speed.
The deleted scenes....all of the above Disc Two content is in Dolby Digital 5.1.

Disc 1 uses 36.8GB for the movie out of 38.7GB total.
The amount of rear channel usage and LFE presence is excellent here.
It should come as no surprise that this is definite “demo material” in terms of audio presentation.

Overall the bonus materials are pretty darn impressive considering they include OVER 3 HOURS of Hi-Def supplemental material alone.

there are unfortunately some nitpicks resulting from the transfers such as blacks dropping detail in the fields of Iowa at dawn and other scattered backdrops.
Trumping LFE are surrounds that run a marathon of activity from start to finish whether it be phasers popping out from all directions, control console bleeps and blips, space garbage clanging off hulls or the score and subtle ambient noise from the tight confines of a tin can in space.
The dark and wretched Klingon prison is especially noteworthy as we may see something similar in the sequel.
Special Feature: Props and Costumes (9:22) especially intriguing as it delves into the deleted unique Klingon prison guard attire.
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