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Re: The Captain is never my favorite

TOS: Kirk was always my favorite character. Sure, I liked Spock, McCoy and all the others well enough, but Kirk was my hero!

TNG: I liked LaForge the most, but I always thought Picard was cool...up until the TNG movies where he suddenly turned into Bruce Willis from Die-Hard, that is.

DS9: The Sisko. 'Nuff said.

VOY: Tuvok was my favorite, but I liked the few times the writers remembered that Janeway and Tuvok had been friends for years.

ENT: I actually didn't mind Archer that much and I thought the character went through an evolution from naive boy scout to battle-hardened commander as the series progressed, but I frequently found myself rooting for Mayweather because he got no love from even fans of the show.

NuTrek: Definitely Spock.
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