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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

D Man wrote: View Post
They seemed to be the cinematic version of the "Hard Headed Aliens of the Week (TM)" to borrow a phrase from Jammer's site. Why did they start shooting at Picard and Co.? Did they contact the Enterprise first? It seems like the only justification for them being there was that it was Their Desert and the movie needed its first action scene. Picard: "This doesn't feel right."
They didn't seem like the friendliest group of people either way you look at it. They appeared to be rather insular, which would make sense when you see something you don't recognize and you think you're the only people in the universe. We'd probably react the same way, who are we kidding?

SRFX wrote: View Post
Well, not being Remans make it less idiotic. It just makes it a pointless action scene.
Most action scenes are pointless. In First Contact, most of the holodeck ballroom scene is pointless and yet, there it is (although, personally, it's one of my favorite scenes in the movie).

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