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Re: The Captain is never my favorite

TNG: I like Picard better than Riker (though I still would have loved to see how the show would have gone if Stewart had left after BOBW and Riker remained captain), but Worf was always my favorite character.

DS9: My favorites were probably Bashir and O'Brien (I won't include Worf since he's already my favorite in TNG), but Sisko was of course awesome.

VOY: Janeway was never my favorite, though I never particularly disliked her. I watched the show because of the Doctor, followed by Seven, Tom Paris, and Tuvok.

ENT: My favorite characters were Trip, Malcolm, and Phlox, followed by Hoshi and then T'Pol. Archer only beats out Mayweather for me, and that's only because Travis was boring.

TOS: I never really got into TOS, but I'd probably put McCoy ahead of Kirk, followed by Spock.

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