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The Captain is never my favorite

One thing I've noticed over my years posting around he is how many people hold the captains of Star Trek in high regard. Personally, while I like many of the captains, they are never my favorite character on the series and often rank kinda in the bottom half.

The Next Generation
While Patrick Stewart was a great actor, I was always more of a Commander Riker man myself. Then, of course, Worf & Data were always big favorites, particularly my 11-year-old self watching the show in its 1st run.

Deep Space Nine
Captain Sisko was a total badass! However, I always felt like the show held him at arm's length. I was never able to relate to him the way I could to Bashir, Dax, O'Brien, Quark, or Worf. To me, the real leads of the show were Odo & Kira.

Pardon my French but Captain Janeway was a bipolar bitch. It was only ever the supporting cast that salvaged that show-- B'Elanna Torres, Kes, Tom Paris, the Doctor, Harry Kim, Seven.

The Original Series
This is the big exception here. I love Captain Kirk. He's an unwavering pillar of masculine, Kantian righteousness! He's not quite my favorite character on the show but he's close. (It's just kinda hard to beat the charismatic crankyness of McCoy.)

Archer was the weakest link here. He came off as such a lightweight. For me, the show was all about Phlox, Trip, Malcolm Reed, & Hoshi Sato.

What about you folks? Do you tend to prefer the captains or the supporting characters?
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