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Re: Now for some fun: Pick Your Band Name / Album Name / Album Cover

And a new one!

Track listing:
1. Tending Assertion
2. Rash Football
3. Knife Show
4. Clumsy Shove
5. Illogical Crash
6. Disk Men's Exponential
7. Lift Lower, Alas
8. Condense Situating Fudge!
9. Compute Noncorroding Leap
10. Shaking Unordered Quality
11. Overabound
12. Gasconade
Bonus track: Subcommandership

And the follow-up:

Contingence, Part 1
Contingence, Part 2
Contingence, Part 3
Contingence, Part 4
Carbonado Anorgasmia
Impetrate Accountant
Contemplating Priority
Convert Police
(the tracks can be played in any order)

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