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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

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Go on.
What do you mean? Movies and television accomplish this every day. Inside of two hours, a movie can flesh out characters, fill in background and move the story forward. Several words or phrases can create entire personal histories. For example, in the movie Twister, our very first scenes are about a small rural family caught up in a deadly tornado. Inside those few minutes we learn the entire motivation of why one of the protagonists continually hunts down and tries to find better early warning systems for people in the path of the aforementioned tornadoes. All of this happens inside of a few minutes at best. Good storytelling can make it work.

Not really. We're never going to get anything even remotely like the Nemesis/Romulan Senate scene in the new Trek films because everything is far too 'new' and doesn't carry the weight of 40+ years of Trek/Romulan history. I appreciate that Nemesis took a few moments to acknowledge its significance.
I'm talking about having an avatar of Trek XI and not being able to comment on something in Nemesis. It's nonsense that someone can't do both.


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