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Re: Treking through all Star Trek

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I have to agree. This episode deserves a b (+ in my opinion). I loved the way both vulcan culture and andorian temperament were explored here.

I am currently also watching all episodes in chronological order, so this "nerdy dream" of yours seems more common :0)

take care, have fun watching. I am looking forward to reading more about your reviews.

I'm assuming you're talking about "The Andorian Incident?" I guess I'm just the odd man out on that one. I liked it, sure, but I didn't find it to be Enterprise's best. It ropes the Vulcans into being asses and Archer comes off poorly. I liked the Andorians, of course, and I'm a big fan of Shran. But ultimately, the good and the bad neutralized it.

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although i find the reply a bit harsh i have to admit that i feel equal puzzlement over this rating ;0)
Nah. I like hear what other people think (er, for the most part). My opinion is certainly not universal.

And to be clear, I certainly didn't hate the episode. I just didn't love it.

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my appologies, these were meant as comments for various posts - i don't seem to have the hang of the posting business just yet. bear with me :0(
You'll get the hang of it.


Series: Enterprise Ė Season Two
Episode: ďThe SeventhĒ
Trek Installment # 32
Grade: B-
Viewing Date: October 12, 2009

I was really expecting to dislike this episode, as the past few have been particularly terrible. But this one was surprisingly good. Thereís an explanation as to why TíPol is acting emotional Ė and we get more development for her. A look into TíPol background has been lacking since her introduction and Iím happy for one that reveals a darker picture of TíPolís past. The location used here and the presentation of the flashbacks really help this episode rise above the average.

The general episode is sound, thought I question Archerís device of the Vulcanís orders. Archer is most right-thinking, open-minded Captain yet, but the fact that he just keeps insisting that the Vulcans are right and she needs to follow their orders is just plain out of character.
The Preserver Saga

Treking Through All Star Trek
Watching all Star Trek in chronological order
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