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Re: Cast T'Pol's father

What would I have found cool?

Stephen McHattie had already played an Alien Foreman in Season 3's opening episode, The Xindi. Heh, that character he played always reminds me of Frank Booth in Blue Velvet. Was it the writer or McHattie who came up with the idea of his breathing difficulty? That old-style radio mic he uses is a great left-field choice too.

But of course, he's forever memorable to DS9 fans as Senator Vreenak.

If he had got the role of T'Pol's Father... whenever he's onscreen in his Vulcan robes, the audience can go "He's a faaaaaaake!".

- -

I'm glad they managed to get Joanna Cassidy as T'Pol's mother, as I'm a huge Blade Runner fan. I presume she'd might've returned again for flashback scenes, if needed.

Drifting off topic for a second, but still casting...

...if Season 5 had visited Denobula... I can definitely see Dan Aykroyd as an in-law of Phlox, either played for laughs or straight drama... seeing him alongside John Billingsley would've been amazing, as they're both live wires.
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