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Re: R2D2 in Star Trek?

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Dude, I swear I've been drinking my brain away during my college years. Not once have I noticed the Enterprise in Episode I. Gah.
It's supposedly confirmed it's there by some, while others say it's just a ship (or ships) that looks something like the Entperprise, or even Voyager.
It's not as open and shut as the Millenium Falcon's cameo in the Borg battle in FC.
There are quite a few transports which appear to have saucer-section look-alike parts attached in that scene -I've only done it frame-by-frame once, but I didn't see anything that more than resembles a Starfleet craft from afar...
Apparently, though, someone at ILM and connected to Lucas admitted around the time the Episode I DVD first came out in 2001 that it was the movie-era Enterprise that was inserted into the scene. Never had any concrete confirmation of that admission, but a lot of people around that time said it happened and Lucasfilm fessed up to putting the ship in there.
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