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Re: "Children of Earth" & the Right to Bear Arms (spoilers)

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Let's try this again.........
With respect, I'd suggest that if you will not allow the discussion to digress into a pure discussion of the issue of the right to bear arms, the thread should be locked. There is, in my view, simply no way to adequately address the interrelation between Children of Earth and the question of the right to bear arms without digressing into a pure discussion of the right to bear arms.
While I definitely respect your respect ... ... that's the way things work in here. We have this forum for discussion of Doctor Who and its related material. If you feel a need to go in depth on the other issues - which is a profitable topic, mind you - then it needs to be in the other forums for them. There is no need to close this thread, thereby cutting off those who want to keep things centered on "Children of Earth". It helps in a number of ways, not the least of which is to keep tempers down that naturally flare when such topics are broached.
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