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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

The Wormhole wrote: View Post
The deleted scenes do have some of the movie's best material. Hell, I watch the Commander Madden scene everytime I watch the movie, as I consider that the true ending of the film.
Same here. I love that ending. I love the look on Picard's face when Madden calls him "Jean Luc" and the withering stare when Madden realizes what just happened , I love the characters trying not to laugh behind Picard's back. Oh, and the chair with the seat belts and the very disapproving Mr. Worf, loved that too. Great scene.

CaptainStoner wrote: View Post
I completely agree. The cut-scenes from NEM just kill me. The pacing of the film is very "action-film", but many of these cut character scenes have good depth to them. I would LOVE to see them stitched into a disc release/alternate version.
I was very surprised by the flop that became NEM. I was sure there would be a sequel when I walked out of it. I still think its box-office performance was affected by the oversaturation of TNG on television, and the oft-overlooked fact that it was released in direct competetion with Two Towers.

What I liked most about NEM was the TNG crew interaction, which is also why those cut scenes are a sore point. I also loved the look of the Ent-E, both interior and exterior, in this film.
It certainly does little to push the idea that Baird's a good editor, because apparently he's not, as these scenes would have done an excellent job of fleshing out the characters on a more personal level, and they only took a few moments in the film.

SRFX wrote: View Post
I quite like this aspect of the film! I like the fact it didn't feel it had to FORCE the characters down our throat just for the sake of screen time. The movie introduced characters when it was necessary and the right time for the story, rather than giving them token lines or dialogue that should've been more appropriately delivered by another character.

Also I forgot to mention in my previous post, probably my favourite scene is Picard standing on the Romulan senate floor, recognising the significance of this event. It felt like a true milestone, and something particularly Trek.
There's a cut scene where Beverly is discussing Starfleet Medical with Picard. This takes place during the wedding party. This is also the scene that has Wesley in it.

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