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Re: What Don't You Like About "Batman Forever"?

It's interesting how much people's opinions on this movie vary-- I wonder if it makes a big difference whether people saw them in the theater when they were first coming out or if they saw them all later on TV or video.

The first Batman movie I saw in the theater was Batman Begins, which is still my favorite of the bunch.

I found the earlier movies disappointing after seeing that, though I enjoyed Batman Returns for the atmosphere and feeling it created.

I thought that Batman & Robin was terrible, and I was surprised to find that Batman Forever wasn't much better.

I can understand that some enjoy Batman Forever's variety of silliness (though I think the 60s series and movie did it much, much better), but I don't understand why the people who do seem to hate Batman & Robin so much; the two movies seem pretty similar to me. Corny jokes, villains making tons of puns, flashy colors, impossible architecture-- very much a comic book feel.

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