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Re: Star Trek XI DVD - Preorder or not?

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I want the pleasure of purchasing it in the store. I also hope to find a fullscreen version. I hate widescreen DVDs...which seems to be how they are made for the most part these days.
Why would you want fullscreen and lost close to 50% of the image?
Because I don't have a widescreen TV. I play widescreen DVDs, and it elongates the picture vertically making everyone look misshapened (and super skinny).

In general, I like that format anyway. I may lose some content, but it doesn’t really feel that way since “they” do such a good job formatting for fullscreen.

When “they” first started doing the widescreen movies, they almost always had that black bar at the top and the bottom. I hear you can remove that now. However, before it always felt like they were cutting out content. I was coming out better with fullscreen. Whether I technically was…well, I prefer it visually regardless.

Maybe in time when I update my TVs (not necessary right now), I will get on the widescreen bandwagon. Not right now though.
The horizontal bars on top and bottom are there to preserve the original aspect ratio of the film. You can't remove them.
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