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Re: Complete Farscape on DVD Nov 17

It'll be interesting to see if this set shows up here and, if so, what sort of horrendous price tag will be attached. I'd consider importing it anyway; the R4 sets were crap and several of my disks don't play any more, plus it's Farscape, so it'd be worth it to me.

I'm another who'd say the show skews sharply upward in quality from "A Bug's Life" on, although I found the quality pretty high before that anyway. It's one of the few shows I've seen where the actors "owned" their characters from the start and while some of the early eps are a bit iffy in some ways, they set up the characters for all the extraordinary things that happen later in the series. Perhaps more than most other shows Farscape isn't for everyone; if you're not hooked after the last few eps of season one, you probably never will be. To each their own.
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