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Re: Morena Baccarin: Genre babe of the week #45 (Nov. 2009)

Sidebar: V issue

I was not able to watch the premiere this past Tuesday because our local ABC affliate airs the 'Titans: Jeff Fisher Game Review' at 7pm local time(the V slot). Instead they would air 'V' at 12:05am. I do not have a means to record at present.
I'm told that 'V' will be prempted for the next 2 Tuesdays as well for Jeff Fishers show but that we will get the 4th and final 'V'?? As if I want to tune into episode 4 without seeing the others.

My question is this: Do other NFL markets have "Coach Shows" during primetime that preempt broadcast programming at the parent company level like this? I don't know what size market the Nashville/MidTN area is but any Nielsons that could've contributed didn't.
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