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Re: What Don't You Like About "Batman Forever"?

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As a kid i loved Batman Forever, as an adult i find it almost unwatchable. About the only positive i can say is that its not as bad as Batman and Robin.
Same here. I must have been distracted by all the flash and color as a kid, but when I watch it now, all I notice is just how incredibly cheesy and awful the writing is.

Say what you will about Burton's films, but they were FULL of witty, delicious dialogue and great character interaction. That's the main thing that keeps me coming back all the time (and, come to think of it, another reason I prefer them over Nolan's films).

Schumacher's on the other hand are nothing but cheesy one-liners, bad puns, and lots of hyper over-acting. There's nothing in there that comes CLOSE to those great scenes between Batman and the Joker, or between Penguin and Catwoman.
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