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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

My problems with this movie are similar to my feelings towards Trek XI - I just flat out hated the story and the way it was presented. The saving grace for Nemesis is that 7 TV series and 3 movies later I at least cared a little for the characters and enjoyedtheir interactions.

For the most part, I also think the movie looked excellent barring the odd made-for-TV lighting techniques such as the lights going all dark and mysterious when Troi performs her psychic connection.

I liked the space battles, loved the ramming sequence, thought Data jumping through space was quite cool.

The nature vs nurture angle was there but not explored nearly enough. The idea that Picard's clone and Data's twin show up at the same time is overkill. One or the other, please.

I like Tom Hardy as an actor but feel an opportunity was lost by not casting Stewart in the role. He's always angling for more to do in these movies. At least then it wouldn't have been at the expense of other characters (Beverly's first line is 20 odd minutes into the movie; she doesn't even get a line at the wedding).
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