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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

Although I don't like Nemesis generally, I appreciated the way all of the characters were introduced in the wedding reception scene for the benefit of audiences unfamiliar with Trek -- the general public are probably aware of who the "bald captain" is but needed a bit of help knowing who his first officer and counselor are, and which one is "the robot". Compare that scene with the opening scenes of Insurrection where the audience is expected to immediately know who everyone is: Who are those women dressing Picard? His whores? Who is that bearded man who just came in? The eunuch? Is the man with the weird mechanical eyes Picard's PA? Why is Picard so happy to see this "Mr Worf"?

Nemesis also had a good space battle scene (although it went on for far too long). The Bassen Rift provides a backdrop for some rarely seen close-quarter combat (even DS9's battles were in open space and never as dramatically confined), and the Enterprise is seen flying "upside down" at several points, shaking off Trek's past instances of depicting space as nothing more than a flat, black sea.

It was also good to see Tom Hardy having the courage to act so well through his bad lines and ugly costume.
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