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Re: Complete Farscape on DVD Nov 17

I really enjoyed Farscape from the get-go and consider the first season a quirky blast - though, of course, it has some misfires and is particularly quite uneven in the first half. And somehow pre-Gigi Edgley Farscape... well it just needs more Gigi Edgley, is what I'm saying. It's a damn great season though, IMHO, and the season ending arc is a kicker.

I recently rewatched this series and god I still love it so very much. It inspired me to go trek off and watch series I'd dropped and/or ignored like Firefly or the new Battlestar Galactica, but I'd still rather rewatch this then them, even over starting a new show - not because I'm fanboyishly insisting this is the better show, but it's just a show which in its screwing around and/or rigorous adherence to various space opera tropes is something I dearly love.

Okay, fine. It is the best space opera show this decade so nyaaaah! Unless one of the Stargates was better, but I never followed those outside of the off SG-1 episode (which was pretty okay as I recall).

Trent's comment about Lexx is interesting, also, as my first impression of Lexx is a cut-rate woefully inept take on Farscape (I'm aware it came first).
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