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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

I have been a MASSIVE hater of this film ever since the day I saw it in the cinema, and my opinion of it got worse and worse each time I saw it.

The problem I guess was that I was too hung up on what I wanted the film to be, rather than taking it for what it was. Finally, after a few years went by and I hadn't seen it for a while so I watched it a couple weeks ago (I was actually planning on starting a thread entitled: "Nemesis - It's actually not bad", but I've been busy with end-of-semester projects.)

Anyway, the good stuff from NEM:

- Picard/Shinzon: Shinzon may not have been the best ST villain ever, but he was certainly not the worst and was at least INTERESTING. This is a character I wanted to see on screen more. And his interactions with Picard were always engaging and exciting. It's a shame he just didn't get to actually do something bigger and more maniacal. Khan at least got to make Genesis.

- Data: He felt in character and consistent and not over-the-top throughout the movie. He was comic relief in GEN, villain-fodder in FC and more comic relief in INS. At least in Nemesis, he was a significant component of the story and the scene where Data tells Picard what it means to be human is excellent and I think THIS is where the movie hit it's stride for me.

- Space Battle/Special Effects: Visually this movie is stunning. I am still only watching it on DVD (upscaled on the PS3 mind you) and it looks amazing. Can't wait to get it on Bluray). The space battle is excellent (although I wish the Romulans weren't disposed of so easily) and is truly exciting. When Worf reports that they have exhausted their complement of torpedoes and the Scimitar's shields are still at 75%, you get a real sense of fear and hopelessness.

- The Story: Overall, the story is GOOD. It's really really good. It's just the execution that's poor and to echo everyone else's opinions, the DELETED SCENES SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN. These scenes round out the movie and everytime I watch them and Rick Berman's all "we felt these scenes weren't necessary." I am almost yelling at the TV: "NO! THESE SCENES WERE NECESSARY YOU FOOL. IT WOULD'VE MADE YOUR MOVIE SUCK LESS!"

So yeah, in a landmark decision, I am elevating Nemesis to my second least favourite ST movie after Star Trek V.
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