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Re: What Don't You Like About "Batman Forever"?

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I also happen to think Forever has aged better than either of Burton's two films.
I might give you that one.

People cite the colorful, cartoony quality of Forever as a detriment, but this is a film based on a comic book, and if you like TAS (and I think most card-carrying Bat-fans do) then I think it's difficult to argue against the cartoonyness. It's a different approach, that in this case IMO works decently.
Nope, flawed argument. Batman:TAS was more rooted in a noir retro 1930's look. It wasn't that colorful, and at its best wasn't that traditionally "cartoony". I'd say TAS was closer to Burton's films than TAS was closer to Batman Forever. But the cartoon really was more its own "animal".

So, what don't you like?

1. You take Tommy Lee Jones (a decent actor, most of the time) and slathe ugly make-up on half his face and play the ying-yang schtick for silliness (two girl friends), rather than actually create a real character.

2. Jim Carrey playing Jim Carrey dressed as the Riddler. Either you like him, or you don't. We don't even have the satisfaction of Batman beating the crap out of him.

3. Nicole Kidman, or BATMAN HAS TO HAVE A LOVE INTEREST. Vicki Vale fit into the first movie...maybe shoe-horned a tad. Catwoman may have stolen the second. Dr. Meridian was just eye candy and the inevitable damsel in distress. Her character is silly and the subplot with Wayne wasn't interesting. Bruce may act the playboy, but Batman isn't James Bond. A new "serious love interest" every movie isn't needed. (FUCK DEMOGRAPHICS, send your girl to see a chick flick).

4. Corny humor replacing dark humor. The stolen vault slides right back into place. "Holey rusted metal, Batman!" Anything Carrey says. Failed attempts at humor with Two-Face.

5. The whole deal is far more merchandise friendly than the prievous films, and it shows.

6. Recycling the Joker's death for Two-Face. WE MAKE HIM FALL TO HIS DOOM; THAT'S NOT THE SAME AS MURDERING HIM. (Minor at least it involved Two-Face acting like the character should.)

7. Val Kilmer, like Jones is a decent actor...most of the time. I honestly forget he ever played Batman. He doesn't register, not even as Bruce Wayne.

8. The new theme music is irritating in its own right, and is almost crap compared to Elfman's scores for the Burton films.
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