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What Don't You Like About "Batman Forever"?

Besides the Bat-nipples. (Yes, everyone hates them.)

Granted it's not as universally despised as its immediate successor, but I think Forever catches more than its fair share of flack from detractors.

As I sit here watching it on AMC, it's just as good to me now as it was when I was ten. There are things that I would have done differently, but there are probably as many if not more things I would have done differently in Burton's first two films. I also happen to think Forever has aged better than either of Burton's two films.

People cite the colorful, cartoony quality of Forever as a detriment, but this is a film based on a comic book, and if you like TAS (and I think most card-carrying Bat-fans do) then I think it's difficult to argue against the cartoonyness. It's a different approach, that in this case IMO works decently.

I do feel that there was too much going on. I guess after Returns had two villains, it was deemed necessary that Forever have two villains, and add a sidekick. I don't mind Two Face being behind the deaths of the Graysons, but I do hate the way Two Face's origin was so quickly glossed over in favor of the origin for Jim Carrey's spastically different but IMO interesting take on the Riddler. The studio obviously wanted Joker 2.0 with the Riddler, but I think this Riddler distinguished himself nicely from the Joker.

(And, I might point out, we didn't end up with Marlon Wayans as the Boy Wonder as Tim Burton might have had.)

So, what don't you like?
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