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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

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Here's one of the scenes I'd wished they'd have left in (it takes place right after the wedding scene):
Now the guy fixed VFX from the original scene (it was green screen outside the windows), but I really think it should have been in the movie.
I completely agree. The cut-scenes from NEM just kill me. The pacing of the film is very "action-film", but many of these cut character scenes have good depth to them. I would LOVE to see them stitched into a disc release/alternate version.
I was very surprised by the flop that became NEM. I was sure there would be a sequel when I walked out of it. I still think its box-office performance was affected by the oversaturation of TNG on television, and the oft-overlooked fact that it was released in direct competetion with Two Towers.

What I liked most about NEM was the TNG crew interaction, which is also why those cut scenes are a sore point. I also loved the look of the Ent-E, both interior and exterior, in this film.
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