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Re: The Plan - Grading & Discussion

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I think it's supposed to imply that the Centurions should be grateful that the Skinjobs were finally seeking vengeance against the humans who had previously enslaved them.
My friend got confused by this too, but I took it as you've written -- that they mean Centurions.

Anyway, on with my main post...

At 12 pages, I've read very little of this thread to be honest so will jump straight in with opinions (but hey, it is the Trek BBS!)

I really enjoyed this. Amazing? No. Very good? Yes.

It really did retrocon the first couple of years very well. I loved the sowing of One back to the beginning, and Sam too. It worked very well.

It was a lot like the B5 movies. In my heart watching it, I knew it was a low budget affair and that most of the main cast weren't there. But as with the B5 movies, it's great to live in the universe again and I don't mind as long as any BSG movies are given in that framework: filler in the gaps in BSG lore.

It is also like B5 in that the main story is done. It's now forever done. Whatever story comes up won't be as dramatic as the main story.

It's certainly the most I've been entertained by old clips, that's for sure! But I do look forward to a completely original BSG universe creation. I hope they do one.
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