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Re: Star Trek: Titan - Synthesis: Discuss / Grade <SPOILERS>

Paris wrote: View Post
But this is a Synthesis thread, so I'll let us get back on topic...
Indeed; allow me to assist...

First, thanks for all the positive commentary, chaps. And as Iím here, Iíll address some points...

Ayelbourne wrote: View Post
I got a kick out of all those little references to other Sci-Fi Franchises, like leafs on the wind, moons that are not moons but space stations, or machine ghosts.
Yeah, I went there. Thereís always a few nerd-gags in everything I do. No-oneís found the LOLcat or Flight of the Conchords references yet?

I'm generally not a fan of technobabble solutions, especially when they are used in crucial situations. So the dekyon field solution during the attack on Titan bugged me.
I didnít see that as a technobabble solution, more of using the right tool for the right job Ė like, say, using silver to kill a werewolf...

I would have preferred if the Titan avatar had remained on board instead of White-Blue. Nothing against White-Blue, I liked it, but I think having Titan become an actual character to develop would have held more potential.
I always intended that the avatar would leave the ship at the end of the story, to achieve (as Judith Sisko rightly says elsewhere in this thread) a state of synthesis in order to save the day. I recall Marco Palmieri and I briefly discussing the idea of keeping her around, but we both agreed it was going over ground Peter David was already treading in New Frontier. The avatarís final sacrifice is poignant and makes her more human, I feel.

Regarding Zurin Dakal...

I was a bit disappointed that his relationship with Hriss (or was it Hsuuri?) that seemed to start in SoD wasn't even mentioned.
In all honesty, I just didnít have time to get to it.

Nerys Ghemor wrote: View Post
Just one question...was it just his hand/arm that was mangled by the transporter, or did he have other internal damage as well?
Both. Being Cardassian, he suffered through it stoically. The avatar helps him heal by reintegrating the mis-beamed elements when he returns to the Titan.

My one quibble, though, comes with the cover art
I had no input on the art, and to be honest I think itís rather misleading; but thereís this old adage about book covers and not judging...
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