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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

There's a moving piece of music, which got cut back to mere seconds as the end credits rolled... where they reprise key themes. Trouble is we didn't hear this piece anywhere in the film (except speeded up during the buggy chase). It's very mournful of Data's death and uniquely Goldsmith's romantic take on Star Trek. It might even have worked in the context of a traditional opening title sequence... instead ploughing the camera straight into Remus & Romulus. That I liked so much, I bought the soundtrack album to hear more of it. I still think it got reduced in length even then.

On the whole I liked this movie, even though it fell into the trap all 'my Trek era' fell into, going out with a whimper instead of bang... or even a sentimental sign-off as The Undiscovered Country did.
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