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Re: next Trek series pilot in cinemas as double feature from Paramount

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Going back to TV, again, would be the wrong thing to do

TOO MUCH Trek is what got them to where they were. And this is according to pretty much everyone from every generaton of shows
Everyone except the fans reading these threads based on the number of views.
So what would you like CBS to do with a new Star Trek TV show?
Is There Even A REMOTE Chance Of A New Trek Series?
A New Star Trek Series?
A New Trek Series Should Take a Lesson From Law & Order
Bryan Fuller wants to make a new series
New Trek series
New Animated Series
A Star trek CGI series
..who are all fans of TREK. I think the general public had decided that they have had enough of star trek..or did the 2.1 million viewers of Enterprise fool you into thinking anyone cared for that show.

Heck, I would be willing to bet that most of the people on this site did not watch Enterprise on a regular basis...

Your list of threads would be like listing topics spoken at church by the church goers...big deal.

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