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Re: Best Star Wars & Terminator novels-Need Recommendations...*SPOILER

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I second most of the above except that I haven't completely given up on the later novels....Legacy of the Force was a real step down, though.
I guess I've just given up on novels featuring the Big Three, since the authors/editors seem incapable of just letting them go and let someone else save the galaxy for once. Which is why I liked the NJO so much, except that now pretty much every one of the new tier is dead or evil. I still intend to read the unrelated books like the newest Bane novel some day.

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I would say that I, Jedi is a great supplement for the Jedi Academy Trilogy. It tells much of the same story from a different point of view, and is a better book I feel. It should be read *after* the X-Wing series, though. (Whether you should choose to skip the JAT entirely in favor of this one or not I can't really decide. There are arguments to be made both ways.)

Most of the X-Wing novels take place prior to Zahn's trilogy, but #8 actually starts concurrent with the tail end of it. Just FYI.
Ah thanks, I totally forgot about I, Jedi, which is a shame since it also one of my favorites. Although I don't like them that much, I would still recommend reading the JAT at least once, they were some of the first SW novels I read, when I started ~10 years ago and I they didn't stop me from continuing. But they did manage to confuse me for a long time. Back then, I didn't have access to the internet and I tried for the longest time to find the novel in which Luke turned dark-side (which is mentioned in JAT). It was only much later, that I discovered that it happened in a comic book.
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