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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

I still consider NEM to be the worst Trek film of the bunch, and it would take a lot of re-writing and re-editing to make the film up to par. However, I admit that there are at least a few positive elements from the film:
- The Enterprise-E sets looked gorgeous in this film. The fresh paint, revised LCARS, inclusion of flat-screens, revised lighting, etc. really made the interiors nice. The Bridge never looked better.
- It was nice to see the Romulans featured more prominently a film, even though I felt that they were marginalized
- The visual f/x were better than INS (but still nowhere near the quality of FC... it's too bad ILM wasn't involved)
- The cinematography was interesting, at least some of the time
- The scene where Picard and the crew meet Shinzon was well executed, IMO
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