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Re: Trek Haiku, Could you write poetry about star trek, I had to.

Starship Voyager
Kidnapped by the Caretaker
Stranded by Janeway

It's been seven years.
Temporal Prime Directive?
Screw it, let's go home

Seven babysits
It's time for recreation
Fun will now commence

Playing kadis kot
Children cheat with Borg implants
Nine Alpha for you!

Day of Honor sucked.
Warp core gone, stuck in space, but
Tom Paris loves me!

Harry Kim in lust
Holographic, Borg, or dead?
Questionable taste.

"Admit it, Kathy.
It's been a while." "It will
be a while longer."

Damn, Kashyk is hot.
Too bad he is a liar.
Look! I can lie, too.

Of all the horrors
In the Delta Quadrant, Le-
ola Root is worst.

Hi, my name is Joe.
Jeez, it took you thirty years
to come up with "Joe?"

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