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Re: Scot Wolf says new "V" Visitors just might be lizard people

I got to say within the context of V, Jane Badler was way hotter. I think Morena Baccarin is a gorgeous woman. She's very sleek in the new V. Her short hairdo is fine with me, but there was something very hot about Diana's sadism and scheming. Anna is more removed, and way too evil too fast to be the front person for the Vs. In the original, you had the nice "uncle" John, with Diana hovering in the background. Here, the Diana character is too front and center, too early. The fist shouldn't have been applied so early in the series.

But back to the ladies, I think I like Diana better because I have a thing for Lady MacBeth's. What can I say? Also, loved Sherry Palmer from 24.
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