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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

I liked.....

Um. That it ended?

More appreciatively and to echo a comment about Riker's speech at Data's funeral....

You know, I realize humans are fallible and all and their memory can suck but I would've LOVED for Riker to have remembered it was Pop Goes the Weasel and that Data got stuck on a part of it.

THEN in Picard's Ready Room with B4...instead of Blue Skies... if B4 had started to whistle Pop Goes the Weasel, had him get stuck on the SAME note Data did....have Picard finish for him, smile with dawning realization that his friend is still with him and he gets to experience the journey once more with this new friend and have him stride off confidently as the music soared to a crescendo...

I would have cheered.

It would have given a full circle effect, bringing us back to Encounter at Farpoint and giving hope for the future....much like the 'I feel young' and 'there are always possibilities' from Kirk at the end of Khan.

But that's just me
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