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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

The Borgified Corpse wrote: View Post
Visually, the movie is amazing, both in terms of production design and cinematography.

Stuart Baird shoots the Enterprise bridge from a lot of angles that we normally don't see it from.

Brent Spiner does a great job of distinguishing B-4 from Data.

Anything with Ron Perlman in it is automatically cool.

I love crossovers, so I'm glad we get an Admiral Janeway cameo, even if it is tiny.

It's the Next Generation cast on the big screen, dawg!
I'll give Baird credit for that. We did get to see angles not previously seen.

D Man wrote: View Post
J. Allen wrote: View Post
I watched some of the deleted scenes that I felt would be great in the movie, that would round out the story ( I loved the Chateau Picard scene). I don't know, but I am starting to like this movie more and more.
I actually haven't seen the deleted scenes, but I've heard there are quite a few that sound like they would have made the movie dramatically better, in both senses of the word. Sometime in the next year I hope to upgrade to Blu-ray and I'll probably pick it up then, which I think will give me a new appreciation for the movie. I think I've only seen it twice (once in the theater and once on a rental, but I didn't bother with the extra features for some reason .)
Here's one of the scenes I'd wished they'd have left in (it takes place right after the wedding scene):
Now the guy fixed VFX from the original scene (it was green screen outside the windows), but I really think it should have been in the movie.

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