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Re: What did you like about Nemesis?

Myasishchev wrote: View Post
To echo others, the space battle and the music.

It disappointed me in that it did have the components to be great, but was assembled all wrong.

Something else I liked: it's better than Insurrection. (For that matter, it's better than First Contact.)
Yeah, that might just be how I feel about it. It feels like it's not quite in sorts, but that all the good stuff is there.

D Man wrote: View Post
The music was great, the effects were great, and the story was ALMOST there. Just a few story tweaks (ok, maybe more than a few...) and probably a better director could have made it a wonderful film. I really enjoy Picard's frozen stare after Shinzon pulls himself close, impaling himself in the process. I remember a lot of people thought that was out of character for Our Captain, but I thought it was really effective; the man just watched HIMSELF (a younger, evil version, sure, but he was still basically looking into a mirror) die right in front of him. That would be pretty harrowing, I think. And finally, the quiet memorial for Data near the end is very nice, and understated in a way that I think just works. I certainly remember whispering "Pop Goes the Weasel." Nemesis to me is a lot like TNG season 7, in that it's not really as good as what came before, but I still like it more than most people seem to and it remains a mostly well-done adventure starring my favorite Trek crew.
I watched some of the deleted scenes that I felt would be great in the movie, that would round out the story ( I loved the Chateau Picard scene). I don't know, but I am starting to like this movie more and more.

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